Matthew Ellis
文件:Matthew Ellis.png
性别 Male
年龄 不详,Alive
种族 Human
国籍 American
头衔 President of the United States
电影 Iron Man 3
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (mentioned)
剧集 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1 episode)
游戏 Iron Man 3 - The Official Game (Java storyline only)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game
演员 William Sadler

The Mandarin must be stopped!
—— Matthew Ellis[src]

Matthew Ellis is the current president of the United States of America.

The President was kidnapped and nearly assassinated during Aldrich Killian's War, but was rescued by Iron Man and continued his Presidency. During the HYDRA Uprising, Ellis was targeted again by HYDRA's Project Insight, but was saved by Captain America.

The following year, Ellis authorized the creation of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, an agency tasked with dealing with extraterrestrial threats on American soil.


Ascendance to the Presidency

You elected me on a single platform: I will protect this country at all costs.
—— Matthew Ellis reminds the public of his promises of security.[src]

Matthew Ellis was elected President of the United States of America when voters approved of his strong focus on security and domestic protection following the catastrophic battle in New York City.[1][2]

Return of Captain America

Welcome back Cap.
—— Matthew Ellis responds to the return of Captain America[src]

President Ellis congratulated Captain America for his return in modern times, with an informal "Welcome back Cap" quote. The quote was made notable enough to be displayed at Captain America's exhibit which featured display information of the Howling Commandos, including a detailed one for Bucky Barnes.[3]

When the Roxxon Oil Corporation faced scandal when a tanker spilled a million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, Roxxon's political ties made sure not one Roxxon executive saw a day in court, despite President Ellis's possible efforts.[2]

Aldrich Killian's War

Introducing the Iron Patriot

Central to my administration's response to this terrorist event, is a newly minted resource. I know him as Colonel James Rhodes. The American people will soon know him as the Iron Patriot.
—— Matthew Ellis[src]

In response to the Mandarin's terrorist threats against the United States, President Ellis ordered Colonel James Rhodes to be rebranded in the colours of the American flag and to be renamed as the Iron Patriot. He gave a televised speech announcing that Rhodes would personally take charge of hunting down and killing the Mandarin.

His efforts were joked about in the world's media; however, he remained determined to track down the terrorist as more attacks continued across America, destroying American landmarks like the TCL Chinese Theatre, killing dozens of civilians.[2]

Mandarin Threats

Ellis witnesses the Mandarin execute someone.

There's just one lesson left President Ellis so run away, hide, kiss your children goodbye because nothing, not your army, not your red, white and blue attack dog can save you! I'll see you soon."
"Tell Rhodes, find this lunatic right now.
—— The Mandarin and Matthew Ellis[src]

In one video of the Mandarin's, he threatened to kill accountant Thomas Richards from the Roxxon Oil Corporation if President Ellis failed to call him within 30 seconds. Ellis watched the video from Air Force One, and demanded to know how the Mandarin's phone number ended up on his phone. Although the President complied with the request and called the phone, the Mandarin ignored the call and, in a mock execution, seemingly shot Richards in the head on live television. Ellis ordered James Rhodes to locate the Mandarin's hideout as soon as possible.[2]


What do you want from me?"
"Uh...nothing, sir. I just needed a reason to kill you that would play well on TV. You see, I've moved on. I've found myself a new political patron, and at this time tomorrow, he'll have your job.
—— Matthew Ellis and Aldrich Killian[src]

While boarding Air Force One, Eric Savin (impersonating Iron Patriot) arrived and took a seat on board the plane to act as the President's bodyguard. However, as the plane took flight, the President was captured and imprisoned inside the Iron Patriot Armor by Savin under the orders of Aldrich Killian, having gained the necessary information from Vice President Rodriguez working with Killian in an attempt to become the next president.

文件:Colonel Rhodes and President Ellis.jpg
Ellis is rescued from Aldrich Killian's terrorist attack

Tony Stark and Colonel James Rhodes traced Killian to an impounded Roxxon oil freighter, the Norco, where Killian intended to kill an imprisoned President Ellis in the Iron Patriot suit on live television. A huge battle broke out between Killian's Extremis Soldiers and Stark's Iron Legion; eventually Rhodes was able to free Ellis and took back his Iron Patriot suit, returning Ellis to the White House.[2]

HYDRA Uprising

Matthew Ellis was later targeted by Alexander Pierce's Project Insight as an enemy of HYDRA, but the targeting Helicarriers were successfully destroyed by Captain America and his team. After the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., many people began calling for the resignation of President Ellis and discussed how he allowed a terrorist organization to become a member of the intelligence community.[4] After the HYDRA attack on the United Nations Headquarters, the President said in an interview that the HYDRA crisis was "blown out of proportions".[5]

Inhuman Outbreak

Ellis tells the world of the Inhuman Outbreak and the ATCU.

By executive order, I have created a special task force to neutralize these alien threats on our soil. The Advanced Threat Containment Unit, or ATCU, will be given full license to act with whatever authority is necessary.
—— Matthew Ellis[src]

Following the Battle of Sokovia and the rise of Inhumans, President Ellis authorized the formation of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, the replacement for S.H.I.E.L.D., headed by Rosalind Price. A.T.C.U. was instructed to contain potential threats caused by people with superpowers. As the incidents became more and more public with Joey Gutierrez losing control of his powers in the middle of a city, President Ellis had a press conference announcing his decision to the world.[6] Weeks later, the President began to pressure Price for positive results.[7] Shortly after, Ellis and his advisors organized a meeting with other world leaders at NORAD, a U.S. Armed Forces facility in Colorado, to discuss the future of enhanced people.[8]




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