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Daisy Johnson
别名 斯凯 (曾用名)
Mary Sue Poots (前法定名字)
Doctor Nugent
Agent Melinda May
年龄 27,Alive
种族 异人族
国籍 中国
出生 1988年7月2日
阵营 涨潮组织 (前)
*科尔逊小组 (former)
头衔 0-8-4
权限 1级
剧集 神盾探员 (52集)
漫画 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Chase
演员 Chloe Bennet

I want 异人族 taking action with 神盾局, to see that being different can mean making a difference.
—— Daisy Johnson[src]

黛西·约翰逊Daisy Johnson),曾用名“斯凯”以及“Mary Sue Poots”,是顶级黑客神盾局的特工。父亲是曾在中国行医的卡尔文·约翰逊,母亲是异人族佳颖,曾被怀疑在黛西出世后遭到九头蛇的毒手。在孤儿院长大的斯凯曾加入著名的涨潮组织,借此希望找到外星人、超级英雄以及神话人物的存在。被神盾局发现后,菲尔·科尔逊决定将她招募入。她真正同意加入是为了查到自己亲生父母的真相。起初她以顾问的身份加入,逐渐成为小组中不可或缺的一员,最终成为真正的神盾探员。在九头蛇暴动后,小组面临巨变,斯凯知道格兰特·沃德其实是九头蛇的卧底后几近崩溃。此后她还参与了破坏蜈蚣计划、打败约翰·盖瑞特的计划。




Early Life

Found the senior agent up under a bridge. He managed to escape with a gunshot wound to the neck, but he bled out. He was still holding on to the 0-8-4. Poor thing was covered in blood. We thought she was dead too, but she was just asleep in a dead agent's arms."
"Wait, the baby? The girl was the 0-8-4?
—— 理查德·拉姆利 and 菲尔·科尔逊 discussing Skye's past[src]
文件:Baby Skye.png
A photo of newborn Daisy with her father

Born in a small Chinese village a warm summer night of July 2, 1988 in Hunan Province, a baby who was given the name Daisy Johnson was the daughter of a woman named 佳颖, who carried the genetic marker of the 异人族 and was gifted with longevity. The baby's father, Calvin Johnson, an experienced medical practitioner, was the one who delivered her.[1] Shortly after the girl's birth, a group of 九头蛇 operatives raided the village and abducted the elders, including 佳颖. 佳颖 was brought to Austria to the fortress of HYDRA General 维尔纳·莱因哈特. Reinhardt vivisected the woman and used her blood and organs to regain some of his youth, and left her remains to be found by the infant's father,[2] driving him into a state of extreme rage. While Zabo butchered the HYDRA agents in search of his daughter, Daisy was found by a 神盾局 team sent in to investigate the massacre. Designating the infant as an 0-8-4, the team was quickly killed off by the girl's father, prompting S.H.I.E.L.D. to send in a back-end team consisting of 理查德·拉姆利, 琳达·艾弗里, and three other agents. They found the infant sleeping in the arms of the dead lead agent.[3][4]

After returning to the United States, the other members of the team started to be eliminated. To ensure her safety, the baby was dropped off by Avery at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, who gave her the name Mary Sue Poots,[5] and arrangements were made for her to be moved to different foster homes to keep her safe.[3] The girl's father continued to search for his daughter, relentless in his search.

When she was nine she stayed with a family, called the Brodys, that Poots particularly wanted to like her, but she was soon sent back to the orphanage.[6] Since she did not like her legal name, she gave herself the name Skye. When she grew up and became a computer expert, she deleted all official records on her "Mary Sue Poots" identity.[5]

S.H.I.E.L.D. files about Skye's youth

Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents and eventually she ran away and joined the 涨潮组织, a computer activist (Or as Skye would say, "hacktivist") group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. It was through the Rising Tide, that Skye bonded and became involved with master hacker 迈尔斯·莱登.

Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. However, in all of her searching, the only evidence she was able to find about them was a document with all of the pertinent data redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was then that she came on to the idea to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.[7]


The First Mission

Skye is "recruited" into S.H.I.E.L.D.

With great power comes... a ton of weird crap that you're not ready to deal with.
—— Skye to Michael Peterson[src]

While investigating the rumors of something called "Centipede" in Los Angeles, Skye witnessed Michael Peterson's display of superpowers during an accident which would kill a normal human being. She posted video of Peterson online and left just enough evidence for 神盾局 to track her down. She met with Peterson at a local diner and advised him either to run, as she did not trust S.H.I.E.L.D.'s motivations, or to get ahead of the situation by using his abilities to become a super-hero.

Skye is questioned by Grant Ward

However, after the meeting with Peterson, she was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents 菲尔·科尔逊 and 格兰特·沃德, who were seeking out Peterson for his own safety, and taken to the 空客 for interrogation. After being questioned in the Cage, Skye agreed to help them.

After helping S.H.I.E.L.D subdue Peterson and get him the help he needed, she accepted an invitation to join 科尔逊小组, while maintaining contact with 迈尔斯·莱登 and 涨潮组织.[8]

Realizing that S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't the monstrous behemoth she originally believed it to be, Skye realized that she wanted her place in S.H.I.E.L.D. and volunteered to go on an undercover mission in Malta. There she managed to get herself an invitation to a party hosted by billionaire 伊恩·奎因, who had kidnapped a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist named Franklin Hall. Quinn caught Skye trying to steal documents from his office but Skye managed to persuade him that she planned on betraying S.H.I.E.L.D., this got her into Quinn's personal office where Skye was able to activate a device to allow Fitz to disable the security system. Skye escaped and Coulson was forced to kill Hall when he tried to destroy the island.

Skye is trained by Grant Ward

After this mission Skye decided to commit herself to her training and the team, with teammate 格兰特·沃德 acting as her supervising officer, she started training with hand-to-hand combat and guns.[6]

Conflicting Loyalties

I'm not exactly a team player."
"We're not exactly a team.
—— Skye and 菲尔·科尔逊[src]

When a hack from 迈尔斯·莱登 endangered the life of "Registered Gifted" man Chan Ho Yin, 菲尔·科尔逊's team sought to bring him into custody. Tipped off by Skye, Lydon evaded capture and met up with Skye at his apartment in AustinTexas. Coulson, fearing that Skye might turn, tasked Agent 梅琳达·梅 to follow her. She confronted Skye and Lydon at his apartment and took them into custody.

While in custody, Skye tried to convince her team that Lydon was a good man who only believed in freedom of information. However, when Agent 格兰特·沃德 provided evidence that Lydon sold the information about Chan to mysterious buyers for one million dollars, she realized that he was not the man she thought he was.

Skye helped Ward extract Coulson and May when the operation to rescue Chan went bad. Afterward, Coulson gave Skye an ultimatum -- come clean with him, or be left behind. Skye decided to tell Coulson the truth about her quest for her parents and agreed to the stipulation of wearing a Tracking Bracelet, one that keeps her from operating electronic equipment, in return for being allowed to stay with S.H.I.E.L.D. In return, Coulson agreed to find out what he could about Skye's parents.[7]

The Mystery Deepens

文件:Grant skye ep,7.jpg
Skye and Grant Ward

Will you help me find out what really happened?"
"Dangerous waters. But, I can try."
"Thank you.

Soon after, during a visit to the Hub, 菲尔·科尔逊 was as good as his word and looked up the original version of the file. Coulson was truthful when he told Skye that the document was not about her specifically, and that it was about the woman who dropped her off at the orphanage, an unnamed female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Coulson apologized for the lack of specifics, but Skye was grateful for the information anyway.

Skye and Coulson at the Hub

However, Coulson was not being completely honest with Skye, as he indeed discovered more than he was willing to reveal to her until he knew more himself. The file itself created more questions than it answered, creating a larger mystery that Coulson wished to solve for Skye's sake. To this end, Coulson recruited 梅琳达·梅 to help uncover the truth.[9]

Sink or Swim

I know I'm not some bad-ass field agent like May or Ward, but this is what I do. You can't kick me off this mission. Listen, I will do whatever you say. All this protocol crap doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is Coulson.

The team received a message that a criminal named Edison Po had been broken out of prison by Centipede soldiers. As Coulson's team got closer to learning the secrets behind the Centipede program, Mike Peterson was hired as a new member of the team. After one mission was unsuccessful, Peterson was contacted by Centipede's recruiter that Peterson's son Ace had been captured. In exchange they wanted Peterson. Skye and the team arrived at a meeting with Raina but it turned out Centipede wanted Coulson all along. They took Coulson prisoner and Peterson asked Skye to look after his son. Peterson ran to save Coulson but Centipede blew up the bridge, seemingly killing him.

While Agent 维多利亚·汉德 was on board the 空客 briefing 科尔逊小组 and other 神盾局 agents on leads towards 菲尔·科尔逊's captors and plans to find him, Skye attempted to pursue a lead on the case by hacking the financial system in order to look into the finances of Vanchat. This caused a disruption to the briefing when her Tracking Bracelet locked down the 空客' computer systems. Hand's course of action to remove her from the plane was backed by 梅琳达·梅, who claimed that she was of no use on the plane. The rest of the team helped her to avoid being sequestered by S.H.I.E.L.D. and provided her with a satellite phone that she would be able to use once.

Skye impersonating Melinda May

While on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., she tried on her own to hack the financials but was met with similar success to her efforts on the Bus, forcing her to use social engineering to gain access to the home of Lloyd Rathman, impersonate Agent May, and force Rathman and the security guards who came to investigate to use a computer for her to divine the information she sought. After discovering 蜈蚣计划's Mojave Desert site on her own, she was able to inform the rest of the team that she was headed there.

After actively participating in his rescue, including the incapacitating of 蕾娜 with a right cross, Coulson finally saw fit to remove Skye's Tracking Bracelet.[10]

The Truth Revealed

When we started this, I told you that you might not like what you learn."
"And I told you... That it can't be worse than what I've imagined."
"It is.
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 and Skye[src]

Soon after, while Skye and the rest of the team visited the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, 菲尔·科尔逊 and 梅琳达·梅 traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, where they tracked down former 神盾局 Agent 理查德·拉姆利, who had been involved with Skye's case and fell off the grid soon after.

Lumley told Coulson the story of that long-ago op. Soon after returning home, the other agents involved in the op began to be eliminated until only he and 琳达·艾弗里 remained. Avery took steps to hide Skye in the foster care system, making sure she would never be in one place for too long, before being murdered herself.

Skye learns about her past

Coulson, tiring of secrets, revealed this to Skye but feared that learning of all of the lives lost on her behalf would shatter her spirit. However, in the end, Skye's resilience surprised him. She was grateful that S.H.I.E.L.D. had protected her all of these years and now considered them to be the family that she never had.[3]

The Mysterious Weapon

Uh, Coulson? Should I set some extra place settings for dinner? Looks like you made some friends."
"Skye. We're coming in hot.
—— Skye and 菲尔·科尔逊[src]

After the mission at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, the team was informed by 约翰·盖瑞特 about a mysterious weapon in Jamaica. The team went to the town of Negril and found the weapon. After some skirmish with the guards they managed to get the weapon on board the 空客 and fly off. Once they examined the weapon, Skye was able to hack the weapon's code and track its origin to the remote town of Limoux, France.[11]


Skye and Fitz on the train

Oh, no. Oh no! Oh God! Simmons! Get down here! Oh- oh God. Hang on. Just hang on, okay? Oh God. She's been shot.
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 to a dying Skye[src]

After the mission in France, the team found a lead to the whereabouts of the Clairvoyant through 伊恩·奎因. Tracking a mysterious package that Quinn acquired from Cybertek Technologies, the team went undercover and boarded the train transferring the package to Quinn's care. However, the team was jeopardized by Luca Russo, and Cybertek sent operatives to neutralize the team. In the ensuing chaos, the group was separated, and only Skye and 里奥·菲茨 were left to pursue Quinn.

The pair arrived at Quinn's compound, where Skye proceeded inside alone and was shocked to find Michael Peterson, still alive but horribly scarred. She attempted to get Peterson to escape with her, but unknown to her, Peterson was being controlled by the Clairvoyant through a Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant, and the package was actually a high-tech prosthetic leg that was subsequently attached on Peterson's limb. Skye attempted to stop Quinn, but was shot twice in the stomach. Close to death, she crawled to the door and called for help, but was unable to call loud enough. She was eventually found by 菲尔·科尔逊 and saved at the last minute by her team, who sustained her condition by placing her inside of a Hyperbaric Chamber.[12]

Shortly after being shot, the team took her to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trauma Zentrum in Switzerland, where despite the doctors' best efforts, her injuries were too severe and there was nothing more they could do other than keep her comfortable. Desperate, Coulson decided to take Skye to the location where he was brought back from the dead. After some research, the team located a secret facility known as The Guest House. With the help of Agent 约翰·盖瑞特, Grant Ward's former S.O., the group managed to retrieve GH.325, a drug that seemingly regenerates damaged cells. Right after the drug was administrated, Coulson arrived warning not to give Skye the drug, as he discovered in the compound that the drug was made from the bodily fluids of a blue alien corpse hidden inside the base. After initial shock and struggle, Skye managed to recover thanks to the effects of the drug.[13]

Solving the Mystery

During Skye's recovery, the team joined forces with the Asgardian 希芙 in taking down 罗蕾莱. After that situation had been dealt with, Coulson revealed to Skye the true nature of the drug, and the two decided to work together to find the secret behind it, without telling the rest of the team.[14]

Return of 九头蛇

Chasing Deathlok
文件:Skye's S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge.png
Skye's S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge

Think about it. The Clairvoyant only knew you'd be at Quinn's villa..."
"After I dropped a tracker. And the only thing he's had trouble seeing is what happened to you after you died."
"Because Director Fury wouldn't release that file to anyone."
"The Clairvoyant doesn't have abilities. He has security clearance. He's an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 and Skye[src]

The group soon resumed their hunt for the Clairvoyant, joining up with other significant 神盾局 agents. Skye was given the duty of splitting the team into different groups and sending them to find and analyze potential suspects for the Clairvoyant's identity. To give her proper authorization for committing to the task, Skye was made a 许可级别 1 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

The team eventually traced the Clairvoyant to Thomas Nash, whom 格兰特·沃德 murdered after he threatened Skye's life. However, Skye and 菲尔·科尔逊 suspected that Nash was not the Clairvoyant, and after analyzing the evidence given, they realized that the real Clairvoyant was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Before any further action could be taken, the 空客 was suddenly hijacked by Agent 维多利亚·汉德, who ordered her agents to take everyone on the team except for Coulson.[15]

The Exposure
Skye holding Agent May at gunpoint

You should really look up the word "boring" in the dictionary."
"You ready to hack the system?"
"Who said anything about hacking?
—— Skye and 格兰特·沃德[src]

As 维多利亚·汉德 directed the 空客 to the Hub, the team intercepted an encrypted message that revealed 九头蛇 had infiltrated 神盾局 Having been exposed, the HYDRA operatives began assaulting various S.H.I.E.L.D. outposts and picking off non-HYDRA loyalists. Agent Hand believed 菲尔·科尔逊 and his team to be HYDRA sleeper agents, and brought them to the Hub for incarceration.

Upon arriving at the Hub and believing Hand to be the Clairvoyant, Skye encrypted a hard drive so that Hand couldn't access vital information that the team had collected over their various missions. Then the group split up in order to evade capture, with Skye and 格兰特·沃德 holding off various agents while the rest of the team attempted to rescue 杰玛·西蒙斯, who had been working at the Hub during the pursuit of the Clairvoyant. During their time together, Skye and Ward admitted their attractions to each other but Skye chose not to pursue any relationship.

Skye was later present when the HYDRA sleeper agents at the Hub were rounded up, and displayed shock at the revelation of Agent 约翰·盖瑞特 being the Clairvoyant.[16]

文件:Skye looking.png
Skye looks at Ward

All this time, everything we've been through why? How could you?"
"I was on a mission. It wasn't personal."
"'It was - ' you did not just say that. 'It wasn't personal'?"
"Skye, listen to me..."
"God, you might actually believe that. That - that is the twisted logic that they teach you when you sign up to be a Nazi.
—— Skye and 格兰特·沃德[src]

In the aftermath of the 九头蛇暴动, 菲尔·科尔逊 was left in charge of the Hub and Skye gave him intel. When Colonel 格伦·塔伯特 insisted on sending peacekeepers there, Skye was assigned to collecting the team's badges and erasing their identities, so that 科尔逊小组 could escape persecution. Eventually, they found 天意.[17]

While there, Skye learned from Agent Eric Koenig that the 冷藏库 was raided by 九头蛇, and, fearing for 格兰特·沃德, who was sent to the Fridge to imprison 约翰·盖瑞特, Skye gave Ward the location of Providence. As half the team went to Portland to capture Blackout, Skye and Koenig discussed using NSA satellites to find the escapees. They brought Ward in their discussion, not knowing that he was a HYDRA sleeper agent and had helped free those escapees. Ward had come to Providence to retrieve the pass codes to the encrypted hard drive Skye handed him earlier. To keep his identity secret, Ward killed Koenig; however, Skye found his body in a closet. Realizing "Ward is HYDRA," Skye sought Ward's motive for being there so she boarded the 空客 with him, only to learn he wanted her codes.[5]

Skye and Deathlok

Skye tricked Ward into taking her to Ruthie's Skillet in Los Angeles, claiming that the code was location-based. When she tried to escape him, she was captured by 死亡战士. She confronted Ward on his betrayal and he told her that his feelings for her were real. When Deathlok used a Heart Stopper on Ward to solicit her cooperation, Skye acquiesced and revealed that the codes were altitude-based, causing the Bus to take off. Fortunately, Coulson came to her rescue and they used 萝拉 to escape.[18]

文件:Leo Skye.png
Skye and Fitz discuss Deathlok's actions in Bogata

The next morning, Coulson's team made a plan to defeat Garrett and retrieve the Bus. After the meeting, Skye and 梅琳达·梅 had a candid conversation about their feelings toward Grant Ward and how to focus them effectively. May also offered to be Skye's new S.O. Eventually, Coulson's team found the Barbershop Headquarters in Havana, Cuba that Garrett was using; when they entered, Skye and the others were surrounded by Centipede Soldiers and Kaminsky holding the 狂战士之棍.[4]

Skye was able to access the computers in the headquarters to put a Trojan program for Garrett as her teammates battled the Centipede Soldiers and Kaminsky. Coulson's team escaped as the building collapsed, burying their opponents.

Skye and Melinda May enter the Cybertek facility

Garrett was found at the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility in New Mexico and, on the Jump Jet, Coulson gave instructions towards the Battle_at_Cybertek.

Skye entered the Cybertek facility and went into the handlers' control room, threatening that she had a bomb. She let Kyle Zeller know that she was in charge and called Garrett to let him know that Coulson was coming for him. Garrett bragged about ending 里奥·菲茨 and 杰玛·西蒙斯 to her in response.

Ultimately, Skye found Mrs. Zeller for Kyle, freeing him from the incentive program that 九头蛇 was using to ensure cooperation. Then she found Ace Peterson, who was being held hostage to assure 死亡战士's cooperation. With his son free, Deathlok killed Garrett. Skye approached Deathlok, asking him to join 科尔逊小组, but he declined.[19]

Agent Skye

The New Beginning

Skye at the Playground

What is this place?"
"First thing I found on that box was these coordinates. Another secret base?"
"I call it the Playground, although, technically, it doesn't have a name because, technically, it doesn't exist, it being a secret base and all."

Skye went with Coulson's team to the 游乐场 and was reunited with Simmons, who survived Garrett's kill order. When she asked Simmons about Fitz, she learned that he was alive. Then she met 比利·凯尼格.[19]

Skye was given the assignment of translating the Words of Creation written by 约翰·盖瑞特 on the 空客. She used many avenues, including her contacts with 涨潮组织, but after a month, she was not able to find any information.

Coulson tasked Melinda May, Antoine Triplett, and Skye to act as back-up for Isabelle Hartley, Idaho, and 兰斯·亨特 who were attempting to buy information from a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent when they were attacked by 卡尔·克里尔, who stole the information on an 0-8-4 that they sought.

When Creel was identified as the assassin, Coulson sent Skye to see 格兰特·沃德, now their prisoner in Vault D, who promised her that he would always be truthful with her. He told her how HYDRA communicated secretly to its agents, but before he could discuss her father, she returned him to isolation.

She was then sent on a two-pronged mission to obtain the Obelisk and a 昆式战机. As Hartley, Idaho, and Hunter left the Government Storage Warehouse with the alien artifact to get Hartley medical attention, Skye and Triplett stole a Quinjet and used its cloaking technology to escape, while May departed on a motorcycle.[20]

After bringing the Quinjet to the Playground, Skye learned about the deaths of Idaho and Hartley. She was told by Coulson to pack Hartley's possessions; Hunter approached and he and Skye had a talk about Hartley, her family, and his friendship with her.

Skye, May, Hunter and Triplett later went to Creel's location to arrest him and retrieve the Obelisk. Hunter shot Skye and the others with an I.C.E.R. to pursue Creel himself.

卡尔文·扎博 told Raina that he needed Skye to explain the symbols on the Obelisk.[21]

Skye continued her training with May, who told her that killing was not an easy task. 兰斯·亨特 and 阿方索·麦肯齐 later arrived and asked Skye if she had attended the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, she told them she had not, which annoyed Hunter as he had made a bet with Mackenzie about the subject. Skye then talked with Ward about HYDRA's recruitment policies towards gifted individuals. She learned that 九头蛇 could be very persuasive and that if the gifted refused, they would be crossed off.

She accompanied May and Hunter to Casablanca, Morocco to help 多尼·吉尔, who was on board the Maribel del Mar. However, they were too late to save him from HYDRA re-triggering his brainwashing program. Skye was forced to shoot Gill and took a shot at HYDRA agent 苏尼尔·巴克希, who was saved by Simmons, in order to make sure that her cover in HYDRA was maintained.

When she returned from the battle, she went into Vault D to ask 格兰特·沃德 if he had been brainwashed into working for HYDRA. Ward told her that since he would always be honest with her, the truth was no. Suspicious of Ward's motives, Skye questioned his honesty streak. Ward revealed that he wanted her to believe him when he said that he could lead her to her father. Skye quickly left the cell. [22]

Bonding with Others

文件:S2E4 Skye Trip.png
Skye begins a hack with Triplett

Hey, at least you got away from your ex. The guy I had a crush on is now the psycho living in our basement.
—— Skye to 兰斯·亨特[src]

On South Beach, Skye helped Hunter to steal a ticket from Bridget so that she could copy it and get 菲尔·科尔逊 and 梅琳达·梅 into a gala for the rebuilding of Santa Maria de las Flores, a church that housed a 500 year old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back.

As the two worked on the mission, Skye and the others bonded by telling stories of their past romances and love interests. Skye admitted that she once had a crush on 格兰特·沃德. Meanwhile, she did independent research into the painting and learned that it was 500 years old but the inscription was not, causing Coulson to realize that there was another who wrote it recently. [23]

Finding Her Father

Hold on, are you saying that I am an alien?
—— Skye[src]

九头蛇 performed an experiment at a wedding where the effects of the Obelisk were partially duplicated. This got the attention of 神盾局 and the field agents approached Coulson for instruction. Skye saw the symbols scribbled into 菲尔·科尔逊's desk and questioned him, to his disapproval.

As she was researching the symbols, 兰斯·亨特 suggested to Skye that she consult 格兰特·沃德. When she decided to take Hunter's advice, the first thing Ward tried was getting on the topic of her father. Naturally, Skye assumed he was trying to manipulate her, believing that her parents had died years ago. However, she challenged him to name his source when he reiterated that he would never lie to her. When Ward told her that 蕾娜 was his source on information about her father, she refused to listen, believing that Raina played him. She then changed the subject, demanding to know what he knew about the symbols. Ward identified them as the same symbols he saw on their mission in Belarus a year ago [24] and again when 约翰·盖瑞特 started carving them himself after his infusion with GH.325.[19] Ward desperately hoped that she was not the one writing the symbols, stating that Garrett drew the symbols in any way he could and it slowly drove him insane, causing Skye to realize that the same thing was happening to Coulson.

Just as Skye confronted Coulson about his carvings and he revealed that she could be an alien, hence why she hasn't experienced the same thing, 蕾娜 called for a meeting. At La Comtesse Furieuse, Skye was with 梅琳达·梅 listening. Raina then revealed that she had discovered 杰玛·西蒙斯 undercover at HYDRA and threatened to blow her cover if Coulson did not hand over Skye. When asked why she wanted Skye, 蕾娜 said that wanted to bring her to meet her father. Though May insisted she was lying, Skye realized that Ward was telling the truth about Raina knowing her father. She heard Raina say that her father had been seeking her all her life and that she could escort her to him. When Coulson refused to bargain, Skye, assuming that his condition was affecting his judgment and fearing for Simmons' life, attempted to go out and surrender herself, but May restrained her, insisting that Coulson had a plan to save her. After Raina's plan failed, Skye sneaked off to find her father.

At his hideout, Skye found a picture of him before Coulson and the others arrived. When May found two bodies on the floor, Skye called her father a monster, causing the man to react with anger and grief from where he was watching on hidden cameras.

Skye confronted Coulson again when all returned to the 游乐场. She wanted full disclosure from Coulson and he decided to give it. He told her that he was upset that the symbols are incomprehensible to him; she revealed that she believes that they are a map.[25]

Playing Ward

Skye and Coulson watch Christian Ward on television

Thank you for telling me everything you know. It's time we get you out of here."
"Really. You're being transferred, Ward. Your brother wants you in his custody, and we're gonna give him exactly what he wants.
—— Skye and Grant Ward[src]

Skye went down to Vault D and asked Grant to give information pertaining to his brother Christian. Digressing from his family to Skye's, Ward told her that her father killed everyone in the Hunan village because they were all 九头蛇 agents who had killed her mother. As Skye was having an emotional breakdown, Coulson reactivated the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier, telling Skye to stay on point.

Skye returned to the cell and begged Ward for all the information he had on her father. After he gave it, Coulson had him handcuffed to be put in federal custody. Passing Skye, he called to her, but she did not respond.[26]

Helping Coulson's Problems

It's all connected, everything. Ward has information about my father who just happens to have the alien buzz kill device which is connected to the writing which is related to the GH serum that is in our blood, like we're pieces to a puzzle.
—— Skye to 菲尔·科尔逊[src]

Unable to sleep, Skye caught Coulson carving the symbols and confided in him that she was troubled by the connection that everything had. Coulson confided in her also, telling her he was writing the symbols every night and was losing his ability to function. One of Skye's 涨潮组织 contacts, Micro, sent her pictures of the murder victim Janice Robbins with the symbols carved into her. Skye and Coulson went to her apartment and found paintings she made with the symbols, signed "A Magical Place."

Skye accompanied Coulson to the secret room holding the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, then told 阿方索·麦肯齐 and 里奥·菲茨 to help hold Coulson down if he became unstable during the session. She was stationed as Coulson's anchor to the real world as he recalled the past. She researched the names that Coulson gave her and learned that only two former 塔希提计划 patients were still alive, Hank Thompson and Sebastian Derik. When Coulson started acting erratically, Skye called 梅琳达·梅, informed her of the situation, and took her suggestion to lock up Coulson.
Skye trapped in Vault D
As Skye went down to Vault D with Coulson, he pushed her inside, activated the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier and left to find Thompson.

杰玛·西蒙斯 freed Skye and she and Mack went to intercept Coulson in the SUV. During the ride, Skye revealed to Mack what was happening. He expressed disgust about Coulson having alien blood inside him; Skye looked at him ironically, as beforehand 菲尔·科尔逊 expressed his concern over the fact Skye had not reacted to the writings as he and 约翰·盖瑞特 had, which she should have as she had ben injected with the GH.325. 菲尔·科尔逊 believed the cause of this to be Skye already had the blood in her system and thus now he had started to believe that Skye is a alien, and Skye had reacted strongly against it.

They saw the Thompson family on the road, describing Coulson and Derik fighting, and told them that they will handle the problem. The two held Coulson at gunpoint and begged him not to kill Derik. Coulson revealed that he was not trying to kill Derik but was showing him the train tracks Thompson built. When Skye saw the tracks, she also realized that they were the symbols in 3-D.

She witnessed Thompson decline Coulson's offer to join 神盾局 and was one of senior agents assembled when Director Coulson gave a new mission: find the Kree City that matched the City Blueprints before 九头蛇 can.

Later, she worked on accessing 苏尼尔·巴克希's phone when it rang; 格兰特·沃德 called her and assured her that they will see each other again.[27]

Search for the Kree City

They're patching Trip up and he's gonna be fine, but you're acting like you saw the devil out there.
—— Skye[src]
文件:S2E8 Coulson Skye Trip.png
Skye and Triplett prepare for a mission

Skye, 里奥·菲茨, and 安东万·崔普勒 went with 菲尔·科尔逊 to Oahu, Hawaii. He sent her to get an inscription on a watch for Darren, Triplett to give a button to a dry cleaner to place on a general's jacket pocket, and Fitz to fix a transceiver in under six minutes.

Then, in Australia, Coulson explained his strange orders. When the watch and the button came together they would cause an EMP in Kaena Point Air Force Base, a military base too hard for them to infiltrate. The EMP would blackout that base but the satellite relaying station in Laura Creek, which was easier to enter, would activate for six minutes until the Hawaiian base was repaired. The transceiver could be used by Skye to hack satellite feeds to find the city.

Skye hacked the satellites aboard the 空客 and the search for the city began. When Coulson and Fitz returned, they brought an injured Triplett. Before they could tell her what happened, the Kree City was found.[2]

On the trip back to the 游乐场, Skye had a nightmare; afterwards she had an uneasy feeling about what would happen upon entering the city.[28]

Protecting Raina

S.H.I.E.L.D. must be quite happy. Your plan of dangling me like bait seemed to work."
"I thought Whitehall wanted to kill you, not kidnap you."
"Something must've changed his mind."
"Maybe he thinks you know something about the Obelisk. How it works."
"Are you saying Whitehall has the Diviner?"
"Someone give that girl a new flower dress.
—— 蕾娜 and Skye[src]

菲尔·科尔逊 learned that 九头蛇 assigned Agent 33 to capture 蕾娜. He decided that he wanted Skye on the team that would protect her, instead of the team he was leading to find the city. She gave Coulson a hug before they separated. When the extraction team reached Vancouver, Skye retrieved Raina and 比利·凯尼格 from their safe house and escorted them to the rendezvous point. During the extraction, Agent 33 attacked the three and was defeated by Skye and 兰斯·亨特. Hunter left to look for 梅琳达·梅 and Skye stayed with Raina keeping tabs on two HYDRA agents. Raina discovered that 丹尼尔·怀特豪尔 was in possession of the Diviner and told Skye that she could touch it without being killed. Raina also told Skye that her father believed that Skye could touch it as well, stating that it was their "destiny" to hold it. Stating this, Raina turned and raced toward the HYDRA agents leaving Skye in pursuit. May slammed a van into the agents and Hunter pulled Skye and Raina aboard.

Skye aims her gun at Grant Ward

On board the 空客, Skye sat down with Raina to talk. Raina opened up to her, telling her about her life in Thailand before being picked up by 卡尔文·扎博. Skye repeated her opinion that her father was a monster, while Raina described him as merely emotional. Skye also procured the information from her that only the ones the Diviner deemed worthy could enter the temple in the hidden city, and that those not worthy "had better have said their goodbyes." Skye immediately attempted to warn Coulson, but their communications were blocked by HYDRA, who had located the Bus through Raina's tracker.

Skye held a gun on 格兰特·沃德 as he boarded the Bus for Raina. Seeing Ward working for HYDRA, Skye cited that he gave 神盾局 苏尼尔·巴克希 and told him to pick a side; he assured her that he had. Ward told the occupants of the Bus that the four HYDRA 昆式战机s surrounding them would not fire if Skye was given to him with Raina. Skye gave herself up to him as well for the sake of the others.[28]

Becoming More


They don't matter. After today, none of them will matter."
"Of course they matter! You work for Whitehall and for HYDRA. They are the bad guys. That makes you a bad guy.
—— Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]

Upon arriving at HYDRA's temporary hideout, an abandoned theater in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Skye was finally introduced to her father, 卡尔文·扎博, who called her by her birth name, Daisy. She openly expressed her fear and revulsion of him, but was relieved to finally receive information about her mother. At that point, 丹尼尔·怀特豪尔 finally became aware of Zabo's intentions, and when he threatened him and Skye, he forced Skye to touch the Diviner. She did, and it glowed, showing symbols. Despite her attempts at defending herself with it, Skye was detained but inevitably freed by 格兰特·沃德; however, Skye, still unforgiving towards him for his betrayal, shot him repeatedly. She failed to kill him because of the Bulletproof Vest he wore. A violent struggle ensued where 菲尔·科尔逊 and the team arrived and engaged in a shootout with Whitehall's men. Whitehall himself was gunned down by Coulson, driving Skye's deranged father into fury. After stopping her father from killing Coulson, Skye left to retrieve the Diviner, but found Raina had taken it to the hidden temple inside the Kree City.

Skye unlocking her Inhuman abilities

Skye pursued Raina, but failed to stop her from activating the temple. To Skye's astonishment, the Diviner opened, revealing a crystal which unleashed a mist. While the mist had no effect on 安东万·崔普勒, who had come to rescue Skye, it caused metamorphic effects on Skye and Raina. The two women were cocooned in stone and emerged with unusual superpowers. Skye now possessed the ability to generate earthquakes, and, breaking down upon seeing Triplett, who had been petrified by shards from the crystal after he kicked it off the pedestal it was on, unleashed a seismic event that slowly tore the temple apart.[29]

Under Observation

There is something really wrong with me.
—— Skye[src]

Skye was put under observation for precautionary reasons upon the team's return from the Kree City. While the team was arguing about the whole situation with the city, Skye's heartbeat rose which triggered a minor tremors to shake objects in her cell. Skye almost told the others, but decided against it.

文件:Skye sad.jpg
Skye under observation

When 杰玛·西蒙斯 returned to the 游乐场, she brought DNA samples from 蕾娜. As she checked the DNA samples Skye watched, growing suspicious and nervous that whatever had happened to Raina had happened to her too. The DNA revealed that there had been a major change in Raina's biology.

Simmons then told Skye she would compare her DNA samples with Raina's and see it they were the same, but that she really doubted it.

Later, Skye overheard Simmons telling 菲尔·科尔逊 and 梅琳达·梅 that if necessary so that there would not be an epidemic, she thought it best to put Raina down. This only made Skye more nervous, wondering what they would all think of her if she in fact had turned out to have powers.

Skye struggles to control her new powers

Her worst fears were confirmed when a very emotional 里奥·菲茨 told her that he had thought he had the data about her vitals when the earthquake struck the city wrong, but then realized that they were in fact correct, that her heart was beating at an "inhuman" rate, and that she had caused the earthquake. Skye panicked as her worst fear was finally thrust upon her. The quarantine cell then started to rattle and the lamp above Skye's bed exploded with glass flying in every direction. Fitz immediately ran out of the room; Skye managed to regain her composure and began cleaning up the evidence of the quake so that none of the others would know about her newfound powers. As she picked up the glass her hands were cut.

May and Simmons entered the room outside the box to visit Skye. May knew something was wrong as Skye tried to hide the truth, but when May noticed that her hand was bleeding, Skye struggled for an answer. Fitz then returned, with fake results from Skye's blood test which he gave to Simmons; it stated that Skye was normal. Fitz then agreed to help Skye get her things and move out of the box. While helping Skye clean her wound in the box, he told her that the real results were like Raina's results. He also told her that they would keep it a secret for not only her safety but also because the team had too many things to worry about at the moment and did not need something else. Skye then hugged Fitz and started to cry, saying it was all her fault. Fitz reassured her, saying that Skye was "just different now" and that there was "nothing wrong with that".

Later, Skye joined the rest of the senior agents on the sofas remembering 安东万·崔普勒.[30]

Secret's Out

Skye destroys her gun with her powers

Listen to me ... just me. We can do this. You can do this."
"I can't... I can't make it stop."
"You will control your emotions, just like we practiced."
"I can't make it stop.
—— 梅琳达·梅 and Skye[src]

While continuing the search for Raina, 神盾局 took notice of Lady Sif, who had appeared in Portugal with no recollection of her past or why she was on 地球. After thorough investigations, they discovered that Sif had fought an unknown man who wiped her memory with a hammer-like device. Skye and 鲍比·莫尔斯 tracked the man down to a hospital, where Skye momentarily lost control of her powers, allowing the man to escape. Skye's encounter with the man led to the team suspecting that he was actually a 克里, a thought that was later confirmed when the man was apprehended.

文件:WYRA 2.jpg
梅琳达·梅 trying to calm Skye

Introducing himself as Vin-Tak, the Kree restored Sif's memory and explained that he had come to 地球 after being alerted to 蕾娜's activation of the Diviner. He explained the purpose of the Diviners, and his peoples' role in the creation of the 异人族. Realizing that she was in fact one of these people, Skye began to panic and lost control of her powers, exposing them to her friends. In the confusion, both Sif and Vin-Tak attempted to apprehend Skye, the former for the protection of the humans, and the latter with the intent of putting Skye down. 菲尔·科尔逊 and 梅琳达·梅 protected her, with May taking her to Vault D and activating the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier to be alone with Skye and remind her of the heartbeat control exercises they practiced. Skye would not calm down as Sif used her sword to break the barrier. Skye then shot herself with an I.C.E.R. to keep from harming anyone. This convinced Sif to stand down.

After Sif and Vin-Tak departed, Skye, self-conscious and hurt by the mixed reactions her powers had on her friends, retreated to the 空客' padded interrogation room to be alone.[31]

Therapy Session

梅琳达·梅 informed Skye that she was a part of the 目录 and, as a prerequisite of being an agent with powers, Skye had to have a psychological assessment. Skye protested until she learned that the one giving the interview was 安德鲁·加纳, May's ex-husband.

Skye constantly asked Garner about his former marriage to May, avoiding his questions. Garner demanded that she stop and take their talk seriously. Skye started to shut down and become distant until Garner started sharing tidbits about his past.

Skye took a nap, but was awakened with May, Garner, 里奥·菲茨, and 杰玛·西蒙斯 standing over her; Skye had caused an earthquake in the 游乐场 while she slept. Simmons wanted to give Skye drugs to keep her sedated , but Garner advised against it. Having the others leave the Cage, he talked again to Skye about her lack of control over her powers.

Suddenly the 空客 shook again; it was May piloting the plane to assist 菲尔·科尔逊 and 鲍比·莫尔斯 against the team of powered individuals assembled by 卡尔文·扎博. Skye overheard that Coulson needed back-up and offered to assist; May and Garner felt that Skye was not ready for a confrontation involving her father. Skye convinced them that her relationship with Zabo could be advantageous.

Skye allows herself to be used as a bargaining tool to stop 卡尔文·扎博

Arriving at the high school football field in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Skye allowed May to present her at gunpoint to Zabo. This caused him to hesitate and explain his motives over a microphone; he wanted the world to know how 神盾局 treated people with powers. Zabo handed his microphone to David Angar when Zabo was teleported away.

Garner ushered Skye away from the field of battle as the others began to fight; she only ran a few yards before she stopped to watch. When Skye saw the ferocity that Coulson fought Wendell Levi, who begged Coulson not to hit him, an earthquake started. Everyone stopped fighting and turned their attention to her. Skye then internalized her power and fainted under the strain.

Back at the Playground, Simmons told Skye that by internalizing her power, she broke her own arms; Simmons created casts for her to wear. May let Skye know that she was proud of her and would help her however she could.[32]

The Cabin in the Woods

You're one of the few people I know I can trust.
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 to Skye[src]

Thinking about how best to deal with Skye, 菲尔·科尔逊 took 梅琳达·梅's and 安德鲁·加纳's advice and took her off duty as a 神盾局 agent for her and the rest of the team's safety. He then told Skye to pack her things for a long trip. On the plane, Coulson and Skye spoke about their bad history with parents while dining on some licorice.

Coulson told Skye that 萝拉 was so important to him because he used to fix up the car with his father, who worked on cars when he was young. He also said that although he had wanted to play outside with other kids, when Lola was finished, he was so proud and ended up keeping the beauty.

They eventually arrived at a safehouse. When they entered, Coulson told Skye that the cabin was used to house gifted people and that 斯蒂夫·罗杰斯 even spent a while there after he was defrosted. Skye soon realized that she was brought along to be kept away from the rest of the team because she was becoming too dangerous. So she would not be mad about the situation, Coulson told her that it would not be as bad as she thought it would be. To make Skye feel safer, Coulson informed her that they set up a webcam that was connected to the base, and that May would check in on her every few days.

Skye says goodbye to Coulson at the Retreat

Coulson then told Skye the harsh truth that she was going to be removed from active duty. Skye did not seem surprised, citing that she probably knew it would eventually happen. He gave Skye newly improved gloves from Simmons, but not without warning her that there may be some side effects. Coulson made it clear to Skye that the time in the safe house would help her gain control of her new powers and master them. Coulson was eventually summoned back to base by May, leaving Skye by herself.[33]

Meeting the Others


You can do this, Skye. I believe in you. But you need to run... now. They're coming for you."
"Who... who's coming for me? Who..."
—— 梅琳达·梅 and Skye[src]

Skye tested the gloves Simmons gave her, and immediately found them uncomfortable. While adjusting, she received an unexpected visit from an eyeless man with the power of teleportation. The man introduced himself as 戈登, a member of a small society of 异人族 who understood what Skye was going through. He told Skye of his own reaction to his transformation, and offered Skye a place with them so she could truly understand how to harness her abilities. He then departed, informing her to call him when she made her choice.

Skye creates a massive shockwave

Soon after, Skye removed her gloves and attempted to practice her abilities, using them to manipulate the vibrations in water from the sink. Suddenly, 梅琳达·梅 called Skye and told her that a hostile force was coming for her. 鲍比·莫尔斯, leading a contingent of agents from 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯' 神盾局, surrounded the safe house in an attempt to detain Skye. While evading her pursuers, Skye got into a brief fistfight with one of the field operatives, prompting Agent Tomas Calderon to attempt to shoot Skye; in response, Skye unleashed a massive shockwave that leveled the surrounding forests and injured Calderon. Shocked and terrified of the results, Skye uttered Gordon's name, and the man materialized to her location almost immediately, warping her away from the area.[34]

Skye under observation in Afterlife

Two days later, Skye awoke, nearly naked and unable to move, in a bed where 戈登 greeted her, but then left her with 林肯·坎贝尔. Campbell explained that she had slept for so long because the shining needles that he was using on her were removing the effects of the inhibitor gloves that 杰玛·西蒙斯 had given her. Skye wanted to leave to help 菲尔·科尔逊 and her other friends, but Campbell reminded her that she was being hunted. Skye accompanied him to the room that she was given and slept.

林肯·坎贝尔 demonstrates his powers to Skye

The next day, Campbell gave Skye a tour of 来世, the Inhuman settlement. Though Skye wanted to know where it was, Campbell said that he did not know; only Gordon knew the exact location for safety reasons. As her "transitioner", Campbell explained the rules of Afterlife and how others were jealous of her because she had her powers while many others who lived there did not yet. Campbell showed her his power but Skye did not reciprocate.

文件:Afterlife 6.jpg
Skye finds 蕾娜 in Afterlife

As they ate dinner, Campbell accidentally revealed that 蕾娜 was also in Afterlife. In anger, Skye left the room and stormed into Raina's cabin. Skye confronted her, blaming her for the death of 安东万·崔普勒; Raina retorted that Skye followed her into the Kree City on her own volition. As Skye attempted to use her power to kill Raina, 佳颖 stopped her, explaining that Skye would follow the rules of Afterlife, which included peace from persecution.

佳颖 did not reveal that she was Skye's mother; instead she told Skye that she had chosen to be her mentor and would train her, as she hoped that the two could develop a rapport.[35]


Skye trained with 佳颖 at 来世, first starting a controlled avalanche and then playing notes by vibrating water in glasses. However, Skye shattered the glasses, which brought back memories of foster homes. She told 佳颖 of her childhood, and the fact that she never felt like any place would be home. She mentioned that she did not know when her birthday was, and to her shock, 佳颖 told her that it was July 2nd. Skye realized that 佳颖 was her mother, and hugged her, crying.

Upon revealing to Skye their relationship, 佳颖 told her to be careful not to reveal it to anyone else, telling her of how the community of Afterlife did not like 异人族 going through 泰瑞根水晶 without the appropriate preparation as she had done. Skye learned of how Eva Belyakov made her daughter, Katya Belyakov, go through the 泰瑞根迷雾 despite Katya's lack of preparation. Skye was partially familiar with the story, but from 梅琳达·梅's perspective. So, given that Skye got her powers without formal preparation, in direct violation of the rules set by 佳颖 herself, 佳颖 did not want their relationship revealed to others.

佳颖 then asked Skye for a favor; she wanted her to have dinner with her father 卡尔文·扎博. Though Skye was hesitant in doing this as she still believed her father was a monster, after a promise from 佳颖 that she would never have to see Zabo again, she agreed. Skye went to dinner and Zabo presented with her the gift of flowers, the three talked about Skye's birth. Zabo then told Skye the detailed story of her birth and revealed that she was born in 1988, not 1989 as she originally believed.[1]

Best Day Ever

You're bored. Am I boring you?"
"No. You're a lot of things, but boring isn't one of them
—— Skye and 卡尔文·扎博[src]

After the dinner, Skye realized that her father was not always a monster, and she began to worry about sending him away. She went to 佳颖, and told her of her concerns, saying that she was worried that Zabo would go insane and hurt innocent people once he realized that he would never return to 来世. However, 佳颖 told her that it was neither her concern nor Skye's.

Skye visited her father's room, and he eagerly told her that he was going home to retrieve his belongings. Skye thought for a moment, then asked if he was going to China, and Zabo told her that home was Milwaukee. Insisting she come along to lessen the blow for him, 戈登 teleported them both to his hometown where she learned how Zabo and 佳颖 met, but when he was in an ice-cream store, she made a call to 梅琳达·梅 and insisted 神盾局 needed to come and get her, but to be wary of her father's temperament. Upon learning Zabo's real last name was Johnson, Skye figured out her true name was Daisy Johnson. However, upon discovering 林肯·坎贝尔 had been shadowing them, Zabo realized what was happening and lost his temper before HYDRA agents stormed the building, looking for Gordon. Zabo and Campbell fended them off while Skye retreated before briefly reunited with 菲尔·科尔逊 and 格兰特·沃德. Gordon immediately teleported between them and, along with Zabo, teleported back to 来世.[36]

Back to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Back at Afterlife, Zabo angrily confronted his wife about his release, inadvertently revealing themselves as Skye's parents. 佳颖 told him to calm down and he was escorted away. Gordon tried to retrieve Campbell, but returned with a gash on his forehead, saying it was 九头蛇 that attacked them and that they had Lincoln. Skye demanded why Campbell was shadowing her and Zabo, and 佳颖 admitted that she sent Campbell to watch over them and make sure Zabo didn't lose his cool. Skye insisted on rescuing him, but 佳颖 said it was too much of a risk for them.[37]

Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility

So that's what happened in Puerto Rico. At least you can do is thank me."
"How about I just don't try to kill you again?
—— 格兰特·沃德 and Skye[src]

Skye asked Gordon to take her to Campbell, but he refused out of concern for her safety. 蕾娜 then told them that Skye could save Campbell, showing Skye that Raina's power was precognition. Skeptical at first, Skye realized the truth when Raina mentioned seeing 菲尔·科尔逊 and 格兰特·沃德 together. Skye and Raina convinced Gordon to teleport Skye from Afterlife. Gordon teleported onto the 空客 and reunited Skye with her team including Coulson, her, 梅琳达·梅, 里奥·菲茨, 杰玛·西蒙斯 and Ward. While promising the others answers, she was unwilling to reveal them with Ward around.

文件:The Dirty Half Dozen 13.jpg
Skye uses her powers against 九头蛇 agents

Along with the team, she infiltrated the HYDRA base. There they joined 苏尼尔·巴克希, who was brainwashed to serve under Ward, and she used her powers to help her team. Upon finding 死亡战士, he told her Campbell was not in good shape and Skye went off to find him. After fighting her way through several HYDRA agents, Skye reached a dying Campbell. With little options, Skye used her powers to jumpstart Campbell's heart, saving his life. She and her team successfully got him and Deathlok out before 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯 blew up the base. She stayed by Campbell's side as he recovered.[37]

War against the Inhumans

Back to Afterlife

You know how this works. You're a S.H.I.E.L.D agent."
"I don't know what I'm anymore.
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 and Skye[src]

Skye was near to Campbell's bed while he was in coma for days. When he awoke, he was frightened when he realized he was in a 神盾局 base. He told Skye his fears that now, after S.H.I.E.L.D. knew about the existence of the 异人族, they will probably search for 来世. After 戈登 and 蕾娜 tried to retrieve the 巨石 on the Iliad, 菲尔·科尔逊 and 梅琳达·梅 asked her about the Stone. Skye said that neither she or Campbell had ever heard about this item. Coulson asked if she believed Campbell, but Skye said that he and 佳颖 helped her to control her powers. Coulson asked how they should call them and Skye said they call themselves Inhumans. May made clear that they are dangerous but Skye said that also May was and she told her that 佳颖 had told her of what happened to Katya Belyakov and Eva Belyakov in Bahrain. Skye revealed that they also were Inhumans.

After S.H.I.E.L.D. found the location of Afterlife, Skye tried to explain Coulson why they should not go there. Coulson said that she knew S.H.I.E.L.D.'s policy in such cases because she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but Skye questioned that. So she said that if he sent her and Campbell back to Afterlife first, Skye will tell 佳颖 about the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. and what that will do. Coulson asked how she could be so sure 佳颖 will listen; Skye said she would because she is her mother. After 里奥·菲茨 and 杰玛·西蒙斯 said their goodbyes to Skye, she and Campbell accompanied Coulson until they went out from the 游乐场 and were teleported back to Afterlife by Gordon.[38]

The Arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.

文件:Scars 5.jpg
Skye with her family seeing 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯

As they returned to 来世, Skye and 佳颖 spook about the arrival of 神盾局. 佳颖 was skeptical about the good motivations of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Skye presented to her, but Skye asked her if she would just speak with 菲尔·科尔逊 and hear what he has to say. A short time before S.H.I.L.E.D. came, Skye was present as 佳颖 accused 蕾娜 of useing her powers to manipulate the people around her for herself. Raina said that she had tried to save Afterlife, but nobody believed her. As S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, Skye, 佳颖 and 卡尔文·扎博 prepared for Coulson, but instead of him, 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯 entered 佳颖's room and said he came with the same intentions. Gonzales asked why Zabo was in the room, and 佳颖 explained that in return for bringing back Skye and 林肯·坎贝尔, the Inhumans would give him Zabo. She asked Skye to take her father to the agents outside. On the way to his arrest, Zabo said he was very grateful he had the chance to meet Skye and she said the same. Skye asked 梅琳达·梅 why Coulson did not come and May said there had to be someone objective to talk with her mother. Skye was with 杰玛·西蒙斯 and Campbell, as they heard gunfire from 佳颖's room. Skye ran to her mother while 佳颖 claimed Gonzales had shot her.[38]

Ambush in Afterlife

Why did you let them do this to us? I thought you're on our side."
"I am. I had no idea, I swear.
—— 佳颖 and Skye[src]

As 佳颖 fell, Skye asked her in a panic what had happened, and 佳颖 claimed that 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯 had said that the 异人族 should be exterminated. 杰玛·西蒙斯 wanted to check 佳颖's condition, but 佳颖 rebuffed her, saying that 神盾局 had done enough. Skye told Simmons that S.H.I.E.L.D. should go, and Simmons asked what about her. Skye did not respond, and Simmons left.

Skye and 林肯·坎贝尔 helped 佳颖 towards a safe place, but a 昆式战机 fired two missiles at a house, which exploded, the shockwave causing the three to fall. Standing up, 佳颖 asked Skye why she had let this happen, but Skye responded that she had had no idea what would happen. 佳颖 was taken to a safe house, and Skye confronted 梅琳达·梅, who was looking for Gonzales. May asked Skye where Gonzales was so they could fix this, but Skye said that it was too late for fixing, saying S.H.I.E.L.D. should leave Afterlife. When May refused, the two women started fighting each other, and Skye used her powers to knock May out.

In a room where 佳颖 was being attended to, Skye told Campbell that she had thought that, with her healing powers, 佳颖 wouldn't feel the pain. Campbell replied that was not the case and that 佳颖 did feel everything. Skye asked the doctor who assessed 佳颖 if she could donate blood for her mother, but Campbell accused her of planning the attack on Afterlife with S.H.I.E.L.D.. 佳颖 said that she believed Skye was still with them and was as shocked by the attack as everyone else. When the argument continued to heat up, 佳颖 asked for everyone to leave her in peace to recover.

Skye then visited 蕾娜 and said to her that she had already known about the attack on Afterlife. Raina admitted that she had, and that she knew that Skye came to her so she would tell her the future. Skye listened as Raina said that if she would, Skye wouldn't believe her. Raina said that she had had a vision earlier that day, which had revealed the truth to her. Skye asked for Raina to tell her, but Raina said again that Skye wouldn't believe her, and that her destiny was to help Skye fulfill hers. When Skye stormed out, Raina told her they would never speak again, 佳颖 was misleading her people, and it was Skye's destiny to lead the 异人族.

Skye visited 佳颖 again and was surprised that she had healed so fast. 佳颖 told her that having her here was the best medicine she could have. Skye told her that she had spoken with Raina, but believed she should not have gone. 佳颖 said that the safety of her people was more important. Skye brought up the fact that 神盾局 could find them anywhere, and 佳颖 said that that was why they should bring the battle to them. She brought Skye a necklace, saying that if she decided to join their fight, she should bring it back to her. [39]

Witnessing Raina's Death

You killed Gonzales. You want a war.
—— Skye[src]

Skye saw the meeting of 佳颖 and 蕾娜 and how 佳颖 killed her. After her mother saw her, Skye threw the necklace to the floor. Skye approached and told her that Rina had known that she would see this and that who 佳颖 really was so she killed her. 佳颖 said that everything she had and will do was for their people, but Skye regularized that she had killed 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯 and she wanted that a war will start. 佳颖 explained her action so the 异人族 would have the advantage, however Skye said that Gonzales had came to make peace. 佳颖 said that she had build 来世 so they will live in peace, but after 神盾局 found them, they will hunt the Inhumans wherever they will go or whatever they will do. Skye said what did she plan and 佳颖 said their and her future. 佳颖 said that after she wiil be gone, Skye should lead and protect the Inhumans in the way she had protected, but Skye said that if they needed a protection it was from her. Suddenly Skye was struck by one of 佳颖's man and was put in a prison in the Iliad, after the Inhumans took over the ship.[39]

Fighting Back

You saw what she did with those crystals killed unarmed agents. Okay, think. Why would she want the rest of 神盾局 to come here? It's It's not to hug it out. She wants to execute them.
—— Skye to 林肯·坎贝尔[src]

Skye was in her cell, guarded by one of Alisha's duplicates, but she later was freed by 阿方索·麦肯齐. He told her how many agents the 异人族 had killed and captured. He also asked her for her hacking skills. The two noticed the emergency beacon that was sent to all S.H.I.E.L.D. channels and they realized that 佳颖 wanted to use the 泰瑞根水晶 to call to as many of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as possible and execute them. They went to shut down the beacon. On their way, Mackenzie assured her that her mother's betrayal was not her fault. He sent Skye to hack into the computer systems to shut down the emergency signal while he went in search of equipment.

Skye began to hacking but 林肯·坎贝尔 confronted her and attacked her with his powers, stunning her. Skye begged him to listen to her as she claimed he had the information all wrong, and that 佳颖 had murdered 罗伯特·冈萨雷斯 and staged the entire attack on the Inhumans as a way of tricking them into following her into a war. Skye explained that 佳颖 had murdered 蕾娜 after she had had a vision of 佳颖's plan. Campbell believed her, but just as he told her where the Terrigen Crystals were being kept, he was knocked out by Mackenzie. Mackenzie then went to protect the Crystals.

Instead of shutting down the beacon, Skye created a code in the beacon that warned everyone who read it about 佳颖's plan. The code was read by 里奥·菲茨 on his way with 菲尔·科尔逊, 梅琳达·梅 and 卡尔文·扎博 to the ship. Skye also sent another message about the Crystals. Skye then found 佳颖 and confronted her, failing again. 佳颖 then left with the Crystals to the 昆式战机s to use them to exterminate the humans and create new Inhumans. Alisha was ordered to fight Skye. Skye fought her but when she was almost defeated, May and Campbell found and helped her. May forgave Skye and Skye went to stop 佳颖.[40]

A Terrible Choice

It's consumed you. You can't even tell right from wrong. I can't let you destroy any more lives.
—— Skye to 佳颖[src]

Skye found her mother and begged her to stop, but 佳颖 did not listen, saying that it was the only way to protect her people. Skye said that she didn't want to protect her people or her, she wanted to do this because of hate. 佳颖 realized that Skye would not listen, so she used her powers to suck the life-force out of Skye. However, Skye was able to muster whatever strength she had left and used it to create a shockwave that pushed the 昆式战机 off the ship and into the sea, causing the 泰瑞根水晶 to be lost forever.

Skye witnesses her mother's death

With her plan in ruins, 佳颖 once again tried to kill Skye, only for Skye to use her powers to try to kill her, causing 佳颖's scars to open and bleed. The pair were interrupted by 卡尔文·扎博, who had escaped and begged them to stop. When Zabo said that they would not stop until one of them was dead, he pulled 佳颖 away from their daughter and broke her nerve endings; he then lifted her high in the air and broke her spine, killing her, before breaking down and crying over the body of his beloved wife. The human race was saved and The Inhuman threat was over.[40]


I know I'm going away for good, but I was hoping you might come visit, once in a while."
"I will, I promise."
"That would be..."
"Let me guess, the best day ever? You have a lot of those."
"No, just one. July 2nd, 1988.
—— 卡尔文·扎博 and Skye[src]

With the Inhuman threat at an end, 卡尔文·扎博 left the 游乐场. As he was leaving, he was walked out by Skye. In their last few moments together, Zabo told her that she was better than he ever imagined, even though he had imagined her perfect. Assuming that he was going to be incarcerated for the rest of his life for his crimes, Zabo requested that Skye come and visit him at his prison, and she promised that she would, telling him it would be the best day ever. Zabo told her he had only had one best day, the day she was born. But instead, Zabo's mind was erased by 神盾局 at a request from Skye, using the remaining resources from 塔希提计划, and he was allowed to begin a new and happy life as Doctor Winslow with no memory of his true past.[40]

New Projects

And what about you? Are you ready to refocus your energies?"
"A team centered around people with powers? How many on the list?"
"Right now, just you.
—— 菲尔·科尔逊 and Skye[src]

Skye and 菲尔·科尔逊 drove to visit her father at his new work as a veterinarian. She was happy to see him as a new person. She presented herself as Daisy, to which Winslow responded that that was a beautiful name. Skye then returned to Coulson and he asked her about her thoughts on leading a new team for people with powers, where they could use their abilities to help protect the world. Skye insisted that if they did this, the team should be kept a secret so the people involved could still live their own private lives. Coulson agreed, noting that his missing arm would be his personal reminder of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s past mistakes.[40]


When first met, Skye was a confident woman obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organizations that existed within it. She is edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature. However, after the ordeal against 约翰·盖瑞特, Skye became more aloof, taking her role as a member of Coulson's new S.H.I.E.L.D. more seriously.

Originally, Skye viewed S.H.I.E.L.D. as a "1984", Big Brother-style government organization filled with secrets. When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, Skye realized its place in keeping order and law enforcement. Presently, she has expressed that Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. is now her life, including a desire to stand with her Supervising Officer 梅琳达·梅 in an unknown situation.

Emotionally, Skye loves her friends deeply and worries for their well being. She harbors deep resentment towards 格兰特·沃德 for his betrayal. When she discovered that Simmons was a mole for S.H.I.E.L.D. in HYDRA, Skye had to be reassured by May before believing that Simmons would be safe. She noticed that something was wrong with Coulson when he needed to purge himself of the Words of Creation, though others, except for May, did not. She enjoyed her time on the 空客 before the 九头蛇暴动 and went there to work when it became available.

When transformed, Skye became frightened by her new powers and how people would react if they found out, especially 杰玛·西蒙斯, who had developed a hatred for those with powers after her encounter with 蕾娜. Despite Skye's attempts to get back into the field, she had to resort to shooting herself with an I.C.E.R. to stop herself and when trying to suppress her powers, she inadvertently injured herself in the process. Escaping with 戈登 and meeting 林肯·坎贝尔 and 佳颖, Skye soon started to accept her new powers and she was shocked to learn her true heritage from her mother. She also became more compassionate to 卡尔文·扎博, despite all that he had done in the past, where she also learned her true name. However, she still remains loyal to 菲尔·科尔逊 as she insisted Gordon teleport her to 神盾局 to help him save Lincoln and 死亡战士.

Powers and Abilities


Skye is an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential after undergoing 泰瑞根水晶 and gained superhuman powers.

Everything's shaking already, vibrating at its own natural frequency. This stone, the wood in the trees..I believe you can learn to sense those frequencies around you and resonate with them so that not everything is shaking, only what you choose.
—— 佳颖 to Skye[src]
  • Vibration Manipulation: Skye gained the ability to manipulate and enhance vibrations which can produce effects such as earthquakes and shockwaves when she was exposed to the mist from the 泰瑞根水晶 within the Diviner. According to 戈登 and 佳颖, she is able to sense and tap into the vibrational energy of everything around her. The vibrations are connected to her heart rate, and as a negative result she can lose control of her powers whenever her heartbeat increases. Skye's body is able to withstand enhancing and releasing intense vibrational waves, however attempting to forcefully internalize or hold back her powers will put an excessive strain on her body and may lead to internal injuries like ruptured veins, hair-line bone fractures, or other severe consequences, which requires her to use casts created by 杰玛·西蒙斯. When focused, her abilities' extend to the point that she can create both force barriers and powerful concussive blasts of sheer force. After learning about her powers from 佳颖, Skye achieved greater control over her and no longer loses control of them. She first used them to cause a controlled avalanche, again to make several glasses of water ring, but ultimately ended up shattering them. In the attack on the HYDRA base, Skye effectively used her powers to blast away her enemies and was able to use them to jumpstart 林肯·坎贝尔's heart. During the opening of the War against the Inhumans she made an attacking agent's gun explode and defeated 梅琳达·梅 with a concussive blast. During the climax of the war she was able to blast away 佳颖 and knock a 昆式战机 into the sea, despite her life force being drained from her by 佳颖.


Billions of dollars worth of equipment at your disposal and I beat you with a laptop I won in a bet?
—— Skye[src]
  • Master Hacker: Skye is an accomplished computer hacker with a wide range of contacts through the 涨潮组织 hacktivist group. On many missions, these skills are utilized for intelligence gathering and data interpretation. 菲尔·科尔逊 put her in charge of the Clairvoyant mission because she "sees things in unique ways" and was a master at pattern recognition and analysis; in other words, she picks up on patterns that others do not notice.
  • Pickpocketing: She also had pickpocketing skills, managing to steal 麦克·彼得森's driving license in Los Angeles, and a set of keys from an Italian train Conductor without being noticed.

I'm a field agent now and I can handle myself.
—— Skye[src]

After the betrayal of 格兰特·沃德, 梅琳达·梅 became Skye's new S.O. and began training her as a field agent. Skye has been further trained by May to stay calm during intense situations, wearing a heart monitor to observe her progress. 

  • Expert Marksman: Skye's hesitation toward using firearms subsided following her training with Melinda May, as demonstrated by her using the Taser Projectile Launcher against 卡尔·克里尔 and later as she used a sniper rifle against 多尼·吉尔. She displayed her impressive skills in conjunction with her close-range combat and tactical training, enabling her to take down several HYDRA operatives with only a pistol.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Skye was taught to fight by her S.O., using moves and skills comparable to May. She was able to have a prolonged battle with Agent 33, a person who gave May a good fight. After further training, she was able to disarm and defeat a skilled agent in battle. She displayed her impressive skills in conjunction with her marksmanship and tactical training, enabling her to take down several 九头蛇 operatives with only a pistol and her combat training. During the opening of the War against the Inhumans, she was able to effortlessly defeat a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and hold her own against Melinda May for a time. Later, during the climax, she was able to defeat two out of five Alisha duplicates before being defeated by her superior numbers.
  • Expert Spy: Skye is skilled in deception, as she managed to trick Grant Ward to reveal all he knew about her father, before S.H.I.E.L.D. transferred him into Christian Ward's custody.
  • Tactician: Skye learnt to assess threats as she entered a location, scanning for exits and the type of weaponry the guards carry, even attempting to assess the personalities and skills of the people in her environment. Grant Ward commented on her ability she gained when he brought her to the Ponce de León Theater‏.



If she can learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we'll be making some real progress...

During her first months of training to become a full-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Skye took some weapons training under the supervision of Agent Grant Ward. Although she used some handguns during her first missions with 科尔逊小组, she actually never fired a gun against an opponent until becoming a full-fledged Field Agent with Melinda May as her new Supervising Officer.

Other Equipment

  • Power-Inhibiting Gloves: In order to cessate her abilities, 杰玛·西蒙斯 constructed a pair of gloves for Skye to wear. The gloves were apparently quite uncomfortable to wear, as they were tight, scratchy, and produced a nauseous feeling in the wearer.
  • Backscatter Glasses: Skye briefly tested the Backscatter Glasses during a game of poker, in order to help 里奥·菲茨 trick 格兰特·沃德; Fitz abandoned the room when Skye jokingly revealed that she could she under their clothes, and she continued to look when Ward was left alone.
  • Tracking Bracelet: Skye was forced to carry one of these bracelets to monitor her activities when she seemingly betrayed her teammates in order to warn 迈尔斯·莱登 that 神盾局 was about to arrest him. She wore it during some time, until her key role in finding 菲尔·科尔逊 when he was kidnapped by the 蜈蚣计划 made her gain his full trust.
  • 神盾局 Uniform: During her time working as a field agent under Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye wore a specific suit for operations that consisted off black jeans, a blueish-gray zip-up jacket, a side holster, fingerless gloves, lace-up boots, and a chest harness with a hood attached.




  • 神盾局 (First Incarnation) (Former Relationships)



Appearances for Skye


  • In the comics, Daisy Johnson, codenamed Quake, is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent extremely loyal to 尼克·弗瑞, mirrored by Skye's relationship to 菲尔·科尔逊, and whose powers were derived from her father's experiments on himself; while Skye is the name of an unrelated character, a brief supporting character of 战争机器 who claimed to work for an intelligence service.
  • Daisy Johnson was a Level 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent at age 17 in the comics. Her Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart only made it to Level 1 before the organization disbanded the concept of giving agents 许可级别s when she was 25.
  • The GH.325 had no negative effects on Skye because of her being an Inhuman, a race of humans modified by the 克里, whose DNA was used in making the serum.
  • Skye and 杰玛·西蒙斯 have agreed to the safe-word "man-scaping" for coded conversations.
  • Skye is a fan of the Harry Potter series, or at least has a good general knowledge about it.
  • By the end of the episode "One of Us", Skye's abilities caused her a number of injuries on her forearms including bruises and bone fractures that forces her to use casts composed of compressed microfiber to reduce the intensity of her vibrations. The casts are very similar to the gauntlets that Quake uses in the mainstream Marvel Comics.
  • Skye appears to be double jointed in her fingers.
  • Skye was born in 1988, which, according to her father, is the Chinese Year of the Dragon.[1]
  • Skye's Power-Inhibiting Gloves resemble the gauntlets worn by Daisy Johnson in the comics.
  • According to 蕾娜, Skye will one day be the leader of the 异人族.

Behind the Scenes

  • Actress Parisa Fakhri auditioned for the role of Skye.
  • Since Skye's identity was revealed, the comics have begun adjusting to resemble her TV counterpart, with her mother being revealed to be Inhuman and her earning the nickname Skye after aiding the 冬日战士 during his adventures in outer space.


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