年龄 不详,死亡
种族 人类
国籍 瑞士人
死亡 1972年(生理死亡)
2014年4月2日 (意识死亡)
阵营 冲锋队 (前)
头衔 博士
证件号 33327AGNNSLAU.[1]
电影 美国队长(电影)
剧集 卡特探员
游戏 美国队长:超级士兵
漫画 Captain America: First Vengeance
Captain America: The First Avenger Adaptation
演员 托比·琼斯
配音 André Sogliuzzo

我可不是录音, fräulein[2]。我本不可能是1945年队长扔进监狱的那个人,可我真的就是。
—— 佐拉对 黑寡妇[src]

阿尼姆·佐拉Arnim Zola)博士是一位瑞士科学家,在第二次世界大战期间和战前效力于纳粹德国的九头蛇组织。他曾是冲锋队的雇员,直到1934年被约翰·施密特招募成为九头蛇的首席科学家。二战期间,他为九头蛇研发了大量的先进武器装备,以满足红骷髅称霸世界的野心。1945年,施密特被挫败,佐拉成为了盟军的战俘,随后又被神盾局招募。佐拉接受了邀请,并趁机打入神盾局内部,秘密重建九头蛇。

二十世纪七十年代,佐拉被诊断为绝症,他将自己的意识转移到了位于Camp Lehigh的一部大型计算机中。在被美国队长和黑寡妇发现后不久,亚历山大·皮尔斯对其所在的营房发射了导弹,佐拉的“大脑”和营房一并被摧毁。



—— 阿尼姆·佐拉[src]

Arnim Zola became one of Germany's top scientists, and joined the Nazis during the rise of Nazism in Germany. In 1934, he worked at Sturmabteilung's Weapons Testing Grounds at Kummersdorf. His newest invention was the advanced exo-skeleton which could make one soldier fight like the whole battalion.

In July, Kummersdorf was attacked by the SS troops led by Johann Schmidt. Almost the entire personnel of the base was killed, and he was spared only because he agreed to work on genetics. Schmidt wanted to use Zola's knowledge to turn himself into a superior man.[3]

Working for HYDRA

Soon, Johann Schmidt organized his own SS division, HYDRA. Zola became HYDRA's top scientist. In September 1935, Zola was allowed to resume his work on exo-skeleton battle suits and various high-tech weaponry because Schmidt captured Abraham Erskine, a German scientist who worked on the Super Soldier Serum.[4]

By the time of the Spanish Civil War, Zola had created several advanced war machines. His finished exo-skeleton battle suit was used by HYDRA against the Spanish Republicans at Guernica in 1937.[5]

World War II

文件:Erskine Zola.JPG
Zola and Abraham Erskine.

Schmidt's Transformation

How does it feel, Abraham? To have your hubris be responsible for the deaths of your wife and children?
—— Arnim Zola to Abraham Erskine[src]

In November 1940, Zola was at Castle Kaufmann when Johann Schmidt tested the unstable Super Soldier Serum on himself. The serum enhanced his strength, but it also disfigured his face. Two days later, Zola visited Dr. Abraham Erskine in his cell and told him that Schmidt will kill him for failing to give him what he wanted. However, Zola and all guards in the castle were drugged by the British agent Margaret Carter who helped Erskine to escape.[6]

Studying the Tesseract

The energy we have just collected could power my designs. All my designs. This will change the war."
"Doctor Zola, this will change the world.
—— Arnim Zola and Johann Schmidt[src]

After HYDRA forces found the Tesseract in 1942, Schmidt asked Zola if he could study its power, and accidentally he discovered how to transform its energy into advanced laser ammunition and engines. He designed advanced weapons for HYDRA. With Zola's suits, weapons, vehicles and equipment HYDRA became more powerful than ever.

Later, Zola saw that Schmidt finally discovered Dr. Abraham Erskine's exact location. After asking Schmidt if he should give the order for Erskine's assassination, Schmidt responded that the order was already given.[7]

Departing from the Reich

As you can see, production of the Valkyrie is progressing on schedule, even with components of this size.
—— Arnim Zola[src]

When three SS officers came to Johann Schmidt's base to question him about the progress in developing advanced weapons for Third Reich, Schmidt showed them Tesseract powered weapons made by Zola. But when they discovered that Schmidt intends to nuke Berlin, Schmidt vaporized them with his advanced cannon. Schmidt told Zola that HYDRA could grow no further in Hitler's shadow, to which Zola responded by saying "Hail HYDRA!"

文件:Captain-america-disneyscreencaps com-7549.jpg
Zola escapes the exploding HYDRA base

In November 1943, the super-soldier Captain America arrived at the HYDRA base in Austria to rescue the American soldiers they were using as menial labor there. While Cap rescued the prisoners and fought the guards, Schmidt took off in a single man rocket, but not before giving Zola the keys to his car, mercifully allowing his top scientist to escape the self-destructing factory.[7]

Captain America Attacks

文件:Skull Zola.JPG
Zola and Schmidt examine the destroyed HYDRA factory.

This is hardly my area of expertise! I... I merely develop the weapons. I... I cannot fire them.
—— Arnim Zola[src]

In April 1944, Zola was in a castle on an island in the Nazi occupied Danish Straits. The castle was invaded by Captain America, who managed to destroy one of Zola's exo-skeleton suits and an armored vehicle.[8]

Captain America and his Howling Commandos progressively managed to destroy most major HYDRA operations, preventing Zola any real ability to work on his scientific projects. The more HYDRA facilities were destroyed, the angrier and more deranged Schmidt became. Zola witnessed Schmidt murder his own soldiers for failing to defend his facilities. Eventually Zola had to be moved via armored train, which Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Gabe Jones attempted to invade. In the ensuing battle, Bucky was supposedly killed but Zola was captured by Jones and handed over to Allied forces.[7]

In Captivity


Schmidt believes he walks in the footsteps of the gods. Only the world itself will satisfy him.
—— Arnim Zola[src]

Zola was taken to the Strategic Scientific Reserve base and interrogated by Colonel Chester Phillips. Phillips noted that his lack of the Cyanide Pills normally used by HYDRA agents to prevent capture suggested that he did not want to die personally. Zola told them everything he knew about HYDRA and revealed that Johann Schmidt's plans were of world domination.[7]

New Ally

You had a vision, and it didn't come to pass. What is the point of anything now? But given time and a bit of quiet, new visions will arise. I am familiar with your work on matters of the mind, Herr Doktor. It would give me great pleasure to hear your thoughts on this.
—— Arnim Zola to Johann Fennhoff[src]

One year after the war, Zola was serving a sentence in a prison somewhere in the USA. One day, he was given the Leviathan scientist Johann Fennhoff as a cellmate. Since Fennhoff was muzzled so that he could not use his power, Zola had him write how his power worked.[9]

Rebuilding HYDRA

文件:Zola's File2.png
Arnim Zola's S.H.I.E.L.D. file.

After the war, S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded, and I was recruited. The new HYDRA grew, a beautiful parasite, inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
—— Arnim Zola to Captain America and Black Widow[src]

In the aftermath of World War II, the United States of America started Operation Paperclip, a program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States and deny their scientific expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom. As part of the operation, Zola was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., the newly formed peacekeeping organization. However, the leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't know that they were growing a parasite.

With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources, Zola was able to continue his experiments on Barnes with other doctors to turn him into HYDRA's secret weapon/assassin. Zola also managed to build an entire computer system which his mind was uploaded into as an artificially intelligent user interface. Though Zola's body died in 1972, his mind continued to live in cyberspace, from which he was able to provide easy passage into the agency for HYDRA sleeper agents that either managed to escape justice during the war or were corrupted from within.[10]

21st Century

文件:Catws 03787.jpg
Arnim Zola displayed on a computer monitor

We are, both of us.....'out of time'.
—— Arnim Zola's last words to Captain America[src]

Two years after the battle of New York, Alexander Pierce, a senior S.H.I.E.L.D. official who was one of HYDRA's corrupt operatives, attempted to initiate HYDRA's new global rule by taking control of Project Insight. Natasha Romanoff and a revived Steve Rogers, in their efforts to stop Pierce, discovered a hidden bunker beneath Camp Lehigh where the mainframe containing Zola's downloaded consciousness was located.

Zola's mainframe is destroyed.

Zola revealed to them HYDRA's plans for Project Insight, its infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its long history with continuing to create chaos across the modern world. However the entire time he was in fact stalling until HYDRA could attack. Shortly thereafter, Romanoff learned of Zola's deception and they attempted to escape, only for Zola to lock them inside. Moments later, the bunker was attacked and destroyed in an attempt to kill Rogers and Romanoff, with Zola's mainframe being destroyed in the explosion.[10]

Personality Traits

Captain, what a pleasure to meet you face to face. I am Arnim Zola. How wonderful that you have awoken in time for me to show off my laboratory facilities.
—— Arnim Zola[src]

A man of dubious morality, Dr. Zola was one of the most infamous scientific minds on the planet. There was no crime he wasn't willing to commit if that could help him in his scientific experiments. Despite his amorality, Dr. Zola wasn't sadistic, evident by the shock and fear he often displayed towards Red Skull's actions and megalomania.


  • Master Scientist: Arnim Zola was the greatest scientist amongst those who worked for the Third Reich, and later HYDRA. He was interested both in technology and genetics, though he preferred making the new weapons to aid the Axis in world conquest instead of enhancing human bodies to the peak of human perfection.
  • Master Engineer: Zola designed many weapons years ahead of his time, from her early experiments designing the Exo-skeletons and battle tanks, to the breakthrough advances he made once he was able to collect the energy of the Tesseract, that allowed him to create many advanced weapons.


  • Computer System: With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources, Zola was able to build an entire computer system which his mind was uploaded into as an artificially intelligent user interface. Though Zola's body died in 1972, his mind continued to live in cyberspace. By the 2010s, though decades old, the computers were still operational.



Video Game Only



  • 文件:Arnim Zola's Plans.jpg
    Arnim Zola's designs for an Android Body.
    In the comics, Arnim Zola is a geneticist whose consciousness is eventually transferred in to a robotic body. His first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger as a close-up of his face on an old-style television screen, evokes his comic-book counterpart.
  • The blueprints for Dr Zola's android body can be seen when Zola is gathering his papers to escape the factory.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to screen writer Stephen McFeely, the film makers wanted to give Arnim Zola a backstory rather than introduce him as he is in the comics where "he's a head in a TV screen in a big robot body."[11]
  • Screen writer Stephen McFeely stated that during the film, Zola serves as the audience's eyes to all the over-the-top evil that going on in the film."[11]



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