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Hive True Face.png
别名 Hive
Will Daniels
Our Guest
The Hydra
The Devil
The Big Man
Failed Experiment
Ward Reboot Nightmare Hell-Beast
Hive the Terrible
The Great Alveus
性别 Male (Original form)
年龄 不详,Deceased
种族 Inhuman (formerly Human)
死亡 June 15, 2016
阵营 九头蛇 (former)
剧集 神盾探员 (12 episodes)
演员 Dillon Casey (in Will Daniels' body)
Brett Dalton (in 格兰特·沃德's body)
Jason Glover (Original form)

Thousands of years ago, an Inhuman was born on this planet that was destined to rule it, so powerful, so fearsome that others were consumed with dread, and so they banished it from the Earth, sent it through the portal to a distant planet. 九头蛇 was founded with the sole purpose of engineering its return.


蜂巢为了和平生存,准备将地球人变为异人族。他们准备用克里人的血重现几千年前的实验,于是绑架了霍顿·拉德克里夫,准备用他的天赋来实现,同时还要应对着神盾局秘密勇士的干扰。在蜂巢准备将一枚装有Terrigen Mist的弹头向大气内发射时,林肯·坎贝尔将他与自己困在了飞船里,飞船飞向外太空爆炸,蜂巢也随之消失。

Powers and Abilities


He's a parasite. A parasite that retains the memories of the bodies he took over.

Hive was an Inhuman that achieved his genetic potential after undergoing 泰瑞根水晶, granting him incredible superhuman powers. The transformation was physical, arguably the most drastic physical change ever seen in an Inhuman as he transitioned from a human to a tentacled parasitic superorganism composed of innumerable individual parasites.

On Maveth(星球), Hive's powers allowed him to live for centuries by killing person after person and taking possession of their dead bodies as hosts. It can be assumed however that once the original civilization and inhabitants of Maveth became extinct, Hive slowly weakened - to the point of losing many of his powers while the few remaining powers diminished. From then on, he was restricted to a single new host which had to be fought and killed (such as the case with Will Daniels), and as there were no longer any beings left for him to feed upon, this left Hive with a body that was damaged without a sufficient source of repair. This damage would worsen - as would the host with time passing by on Maveth, with the scarce food available being insufficient to heal great damage. However upon returning to Earth after so long stranded, Hive was able to consume enough nourishing food to regain some use of his parasitic powers - subsequently using this to consume five healthy human beings to completely repair any grievous damage done to the body of his host 格兰特·沃德 and granting him a fully functioning host body for the first time in centuries. From then on, Hive displayed greater powers than he ever had on Maveth.

Hive reveals his true terrifying form

What is this? You're 格兰特·沃德."
"Yes, I am. But this body is only a vessel, one of many who gave their life so that I could survive.
—— Kirk Vogel and Hive[src]
  • Possession: Hive's 泰瑞根水晶 transformed him into a parasitic life form capable of inhabiting human corpses and using them as vessels, through which he could perform basic actions. Hive was able to access the memories and personalities of his current and past hosts, although Hive could lose control of his own personality and actions if forced to recall all of his hosts' memories at once. However, Hive could not utilize the body of an Inhuman or a living human as a host. Hive possessed the corpse of an astronaut to try and fool Jemma Simmons and later possessed Will Daniels' corpse to trick 里奥·菲茨 into letting him leave Maveth(星球). Accessing Daniels' memories, Hive was able to imitate the astronaut and relay information about Daniels' time on the planet. Hive could access the memories of long-discarded hosts, such as Nathaniel Malick, identifying Malick's brother Gideon as the one who betrayed him. He often used these alternate personalities as a form of manipulation, as shown when he accessed Will Daniels' memories in an attempt to trick 杰玛·西蒙斯.
    • Longevity: Hive's ability to inhabit the bodies of others enabled him to survive for thousands of years.

And for those of you still having doubts... see and believe.
—— Hive[src]
    • Transformation: While inhabiting a body, Hive could transform into his "true form", a bluish-grey skinned creature with a tentacled head. He could also take the form of a tentacle-like organism in order to possess new bodies.
文件:Hive powers.jpg
Hive unleashing his powers
  • Parasite Manipulation: Hive could control and direct his component parasites, being able to remove individual parasites from his host body and send a stream of the creatures into other beings. Upon contact with human targets, these parasites were able to consume the skin and muscle tissues of Hive's victims. However, upon contact with 异人族, the parasites attached to the nervous system, allowing Hive to control the target.
    • Regeneration: Hive had the ability to regenerate his host's body by using his parasites to absorb the healthy skin and muscle tissue of living humans, as shown when he consumed five healthy humans, completely healing the horrendous damage to Grant Ward's body.
文件:It skeletons.png
Hive regenerating 格兰特·沃德's wounded body

Hive can infect you. You can't come."
"I won't let him get to me."
"You think you have a say in that? You think Daisy did?
    • Mind Control: Due to his purpose of leading an unquestionably loyal Inhuman army, Hive was capable of enthralling and swaying another Inhuman by infecting him/her with his parasites, which attached to the target's brain and central nervous system. The parasites created a bond between Hive and the Inhuman, forcing the target to irresistibly obey any of Hive's commands without any question. Additionally, the parasites stimulated the brain to drastically increase dopamine production, essentially causing the target to become addicted to obeying Hive's command.
  • Superhuman Strength: Hive possessed incredible strength, which was a result of the combined force of all of his parasites. This amplified power allowed him to deflect and block a Kree Reaper's attacks and eventually overpower it. Hive was able to easily lift men like 霍顿·拉德克里夫 or hit 黛西·约翰逊 with intense force. After having his host body's bones dislocated and broken, Hive managed to exert enough force to snap his bones back into place, claiming that this was the result of many parts working as one.
  • Superhuman Durability: Hive was capable of enduring many forms of attacks in his host body without becoming incapacitated. On Maveth(星球), Hive was shot several times with a pistol and incinerated by a flare, but he still managed to survive. Upon restoring his host body and regaining his full power, Hive gained higher levels of durability. He was able to withstand numerous knife stabs, a high-velocity grenade, as well as countless bullets from assault rifles, which seemed to have no effect on him. While dueling 黛西·约翰逊, Hive endured her deadly shockwaves, which broke his body's bones, but while they caused him visible discomfort, he stood unphased and managed to keep on fighting. He also survived Lash's energy blasts, an attack which had instantly killed prior victims, though he was knocked down and seriously injured by it. However, Hive was not able to survive the explosion of a nuclear warhead, which finally destroyed him.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Upon restoring his host body and regaining his full power, Hive gained the ability to passively heal his body without needing his parasites to consume living tissue. After being hit with multiple gunshots and a high-velocity grenade, Hive quickly repaired his host body completely, leaving no visible scars or signs of damage. Even after having Lash blow a burning hole in his chest, Hive managed to completely recover from the massive wound relatively quickly.
文件:FE Hive Regeneration.jpg
Hive passively regenerating his shoulder
  • Paralysis Immunity: Hive demonstrated immunity to Lucio's paralyzing gaze, which only caused Hive to shed a cloud of parasites.

You're easy to find. I smelled your blood; led me right here.
—— Hive[src]
  • Enhanced Smell: Hive was able to smell blood from a long distance away, as well as pinpoint its exact location.
  • Parallel Processing: Hive could process multiple sources of information at once. While informing himself of humanity's history, he watched multiple documentaries and read several books at the same time.


Hive was a body snatcher who assimilated the memories of possessed corpses and retained the physique of his current host. As a result, he inherited the skills of his many hosts over the centuries.

  • Master Martial Artist: Due to obtaining access to the memories of countless men, especially 格兰特·沃德, Hive received the ability to fight in hand-to-hand combat. Hive was able to successfully dodge and deflect a Kree Reaper's blows, while also being able to strike back and kill his assailant. When 黛西·约翰逊 attacked him, Hive recalled Ward's fighting style, allowing him to defend himself against Johnson's blow and to successfully defeat her.

I can fly this."
"You have experience with this thing? It looks a little sophisticated."
"Between Will Daniels and 格兰特·沃德, I have enough.
—— Hive and Hellfire[src]
  • Expert Pilot: Through Ward's and Will Daniels's mind, Hive received the knowledge necessary to pilot an aircraft. After hijacking 和风一号 to deploy theAbsolution Virus, Hive managed to start the aircraft, maneuver and direct it higher into the sky.

Ellos son inocentes."[1]
"Yes, they are innocents.
—— Lucio and Hive[src]
  • Multilingual: Due to gaining the knowledge of countless men, Hive was able to speak many languages fluently, such as English and Spanish, as shown when he replied to Lucio, who had spoken in Spanish.






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  • In the comics, Hive is a parasitic entity created by 九头蛇, composed of countless parasites merged around a host to form a single individual. Due to his intelligence, strength and dedication to the cause of HYDRA, Hive was appointed as one of HYDRA's heads by 沃尔夫冈·冯·斯特拉克.
  • Alveus is a Latin word meaning, among other things, "hollow vessel" and "beehive."
  • Hive's Inhuman transformation is probably one of the most drastic of all, as he was turned into a mass amalgam of parasites. This transformation has even affected his blood, turning it into a brown-colored ooze.

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