Margaret Lang
Maggie Ant-Man.png
别名 Maggie Lang
性别 Female
年龄 不详,Alive
种族 Human
国籍 American
电影 Ant-Man
漫画 Ant-Man - Scott Lang: Small Time
演员 Judy Greer

Be the hero that she already thinks you are.
—— Maggie Lang to Scott Lang[src]

Margaret "Maggie" Lang is the former wife of Scott Lang, and the mother of his daughter Cassie.


Early Life

Maggie met Scott Lang, the man who would become her husband, and fell in love with him despite knowing his past criminal activities. Maggie supported her husband unconditionally until she became pregnant with their daughter Cassandra.

Maggie made Scott promise he would leave these activities behind, even though he claimed he was only stealing from crooks.[1]

Scott Lang's Arrest

Maggie continued to support her husband Scott Lang when he was fired from Vistacorp for discovering they were illegally overcharging customers for their transactions. However, she tried to dissuade him from taking actions against them, knowing her husband was capable of manipulating the company's computers and steal from them in return.

Maggie reminded Scott his promise, and asked him to simply move on and find a new job and, especially, not do anything stupid. Scott did not take his wife's advice, and ended being arrested for infiltrating both Vistacorp Headquarters and his former boss Geoff Zorick's mansion and stealing millions of dollars from the company, even though he returned it to its legitimate owners.

Maggie attended Scott's trial, crying as her husband was found guilty of his crimes and condemned to be incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.[1]





  • In the comics, Scott Lang's wife is named Margaret as well, but her nickname is "Peggy" rather than "Maggie". This comes possibly from the will to avoid confusion with Margaret "Peggy" Carter, who also appears in the movie.



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