Leet Brannis
性别 Male
年龄 不详,Deceased
种族 Human
国籍 Russian
阵营 Soviet Armed Forces (formerly)
头衔 Junior Sergeant
剧集 Agent Carter (2 episodes)
演员 James Frain

Leviathan is coming.
—— Leet Brannis[src]

Leet Brannis was a former Leviathan operative tasked with obtaining some of Howard Stark's weapons. He double-crossed the organization to gain personal profit.


Soviet Soldier

Leet Brannis died."
"I know that, son; I'm staring at his corpse."
"Two years ago.
文件:Junior Sergeant Leet Brannis.jpg
Junior Sergeant Leet Brannis.

Leet Brannis served as a soldier in the Soviet 478th Rifle Division during World War II. Brannis was declared deceased in 1944 when his entire battalion was wiped out on the battlefields of Germany, but he survived the war and became a member of Leviathan, getting his voice-box removed[1] because of the adverse effects that Midnight Oil had on his larynx.[2]

Robbing Howard Stark

Leviathan tasked Brannis with robbing Howard Stark's secret technology. To do so, he chose a night of a major thunderstorm; New York City in 1946 used its sewers to run off storm water into the Atlantic Ocean. Brannis used this knowledge to have a raft carry Stark's valuables from a hole cut beneath his mansion out to sea where The Heartbreak boat was posted. He hired Jerome Zandow to guard the cargo as he found buyers.[1]

Independent Businessman

I don't murder people; I just sell to people who do.
—— Leet Brannis[src]

Brannis betrayed his employers and became an "independent businessman", trying to make money selling Stark's inventions on the black market.

Brannis met Spider Raymond in his club, La Martinique, and bought a formula for one of Howard Stark's weapons, Nitramene. Raymond seemed a bit uncomfortable that Brannis did not say a single word, but the deal went on without problems nonetheless.

Later on, Peggy Carter saw him and Miles Van Ert in Roxxon Refinery, taking a weaponized version of Howard Stark's formula. Brannis tried to escape, but Carter cornered him and held him at gunpoint. It then became evident that he couldn't speak on his own. He had to use a Voice Synthesizer pointed to his throat to speak.

Before throwing a bomb on the ground in front of Carter, he warned her that Leviathan was coming in the near future. He escaped with a Daisy Clover milk truck filled with Nitramene bombs as the refinery exploded then imploded into a single mass.[3]

Capture and Death

The man in the Green Suit started a search for Brannis and began killing fences and illegal traders after getting information from them. Eventually, he found the Cedar Grove, New Jersey address of Sheldon McFee and decided to look there for him.

However, Brannis was found first by Peggy Carter as she fought McFee; Brannis was trying to start the milk truck filled with the Nitramene bombs, but Edwin Jarvis had disabled it. Brannis asked Carter for protection; she wanted information about Leviathan. As the trio were taking the truck to Manhattan, the man in the Green Suit leapt atop the truck.

During the fight, Brannis was shot in the shoulder. Carter, on top of the truck struggling with Green Suit, instructed him to drive the truck to a body of water she saw. As the trio jumped out of truck as it went over the edge, Brannis broke the fall of Jarvis with his body. As Brannis was dying, he drew a picture in the dirt for Carter pertaining to the location of Howard Stark's items. She and Jarvis fled when they heard sirens approaching.

A few moments later, Agents Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson found Brannis' body. They also found evidence that a woman was involved with his death.[4]

Dooley and Thompson discovered that Brannis was a member of the Soviet Armed Forces and that he was listed as deceased after the Battle of Finow, though, in reality, he had just died. This information intrigued Dooley to the point that he went to Nuremberg Prison to speak to Ernst Mueller to try to learn what really happened at Finow.[5]






  • In the comics, Leet Brannis was a criminal active during the 1940s who operated from his own pawnshop, specializing in the robberies of jewelry stores until his activities caught the attention of the superhero Whizzer. This is reflected in Agent Carter, as Brannis stole the contents of Howard Stark's Vault.
  • Leet Brannis is an anagram of Stan N. Lieber.



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